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Logistics and Emigrational Cycles

Portugal is one of the European countries that are known for open policies towards migrants. In fact, Portugal is actively inviting migrants from Portuguese speaking African countries, as confirmed by the Prime Minister Antonia Costa at a party conference in May 2018. And true to that dedication, the country offered safe harbor for the rescue ship Lifeline even after Italy refused to assist the migrants from North Africa. While other European countries are struggling to curb the influx of migrants, Portugal’s socialist government is working hard to make itself an attractive migration destination.

The Open Borders, Open Arms Policy

Since 2015, Portugal has increasingly offered a home to an excess of 4,600 immigrants, far more than obligated to, through the emergency relocation scheme. The people offer as much support as they can to the people, which include clothing and homes. 

The government of Portugal offers each migrant a monthly stipend of about USD 177 and 18 months free housing as well as access to language classes to make integration into the community easier.  Read More...

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  • Logistics and Emigrational Cycles
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