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Track the travel of your goods online by checking the route in Europe

Transportes In partnership with DHL offers you the real time online visualization of the geographic location on the International Removals truck trip where your goods are transported.

So you have the possibility to follow the detailed travel, knowing every minute where your goods are, through a link to the DHL website, a company that monitors these routes through Radio Frequency and GPS technologies, for 24 hours. In this way, you can access the internet platform or the control room at any time, and you can inquire and know the exact location of your vehicle by viewing the GPS coordinates, inserted in detailed maps at street level.

In addition, it will have access to reports referring to the definition by time period, information of routes traveled, mileage at each moment, departure / arrival times, travel times and speeds practiced in that period. Other data allow you to know speed averages, excess speed and turns and abrupt braking / acceleration. In the event of GPS signal failure, there is an alternative to the location of the vehicle through the Radio Frequency signal which is more reliable, for example in tunnels, GPS does not emit signal.

International & Europe

This is another way of demonstrating professionalism and credibility.

We are a unique company currently on the market with this functionality.

Our departures are fortnightly on Monday for all of Europe.

Ask us for a quote and check for yourself.

For International Changes we are market leaders.

On each trip of the Transport Beauty truck in Europe, our customers receive from the goods an email of this kind, giving them instructions on how to proceed to follow the course of travel that interests them:

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